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Extruded flat elastic belts
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Round & hollow profiles
special elastic belts
Special profiles elastic belts

We can offer a very wide range of elastic belts:

  • we transform Nitta, Chiorino, and Ammeraal (or Ammega) materials.
  • we transform the entire Beha Belt range (round, V-belts and flat belts)
  • we sell BGK and Esband endless seamless belts
  • and we produce our own polyurethane and endless seamless belts for special applications.

Mastering all the specific technical aspects of elastic belts, and having a particularly wide range, we can offer you the product best suited to your needs.


Range of polyurethane Elastic Belts

Each elastic product is specific, we choose the most suitable material according to the application and shape it (jointed or endless) according to the desired dimensions (the length at rest being calculated taking into account the permissible axis forces and the ability to resist relaxation of the chosen base material).

Welding tools

Discover all the welding tools we can offer you in collaboration with our partner Behabelt.

Welding tools

Elastic belts applications